Office Coffee

Office Coffee

We offer your employees an upscale coffee service experience inside your office that goes a long way to established a proficient, productive and well-fueled organization in the east bay, California the advantages of utilizing creative vending solutions as your office coffee service provider will improve employee productively, boost morale, ensure break time refreshments are nearby and convenient, and eliminate down time from having to send an employee out shopping.

Creative Vending Solutions offers variety of cool coffee vending selection. We especially encourage our clients to embrace single cup brewers. These brewers allow a person to select a specific blend or flavor of coffee or tea, and have it brewed on demand, one cup at a time. Once used, the cartridges or pods simply fall into a waste bin inside the machine. There is nothing to touch and no messy cleanup. These machines provide a memorable experience for your employees and office visitors. Our single cup portion pack brewers are the industry leaders are convenience, cleanliness, selection, and freshness. in addition to that, we also offer the finest coffee selections for the office and business market such as specialty tea, creamers, sweeteners, drinks, drink mixes, paper products, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, snacks, condiments, and water service.
Complete office coffee service is available, including:

  • Three or four station burners with pour over systems made by Bloomfield or Curtis
  • An assortment line of flavored creamers, cubes, packs, or crystal sugar.
  • A complete line of biglow tea with all your favorite selections sugar free and regular cocoa.
  • And stir sticks and filters.

Of course, the coffee station is free of cost with the regular purchase of our coffee products and supplies. Also, we have a free standing coffee vendors with all of your favorite coffee selections.

To learn more about our office coffee services and coffee vending, please free to contact us at any time.