fresh food vending

Fresh Food Vending

The crane shopper & vending machine sets a new standard for food, snack and cold drinks dispensers. Products are stocked into individual compartments on 9 rotating shelves. Each shelf comprises of five trays, each of which can be divided into two, three, four, or five segments. The trays are easy to configure, able to hold a selection of plated meals, to small snack items.

This flexible system optimizes the use of space, enabling vending of a wide variety of products. The shopper 2 vending machine offers a giant 23% increase in vending volume compared to previous models, and provides the widest selection of product available from just one machine. The new larger compartment sizes allow the crane shopper 2 to stock 229mm platters as well as upright cans, tetra packs and sandwiches for a superior product display. For easy accessibility, shopper 2 also features powered vending doors on all levels, allowing one handed operation.

Another great feature of the crane shopper 2 is the audit system; it records sales information which assists with stock control and machine management. The information is viewed via the display or printed using a hand-held printer. This machine is available with either cash or a card payment system.

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