ATM Machines

ATM Machines Rental

Even with debit and credit cards, cash will always be king. With the increasing cost for businesses to take debit and credit cards, many businesses are looking for an alternative to taking plastic. Rather than paying someone a percentage of you sales, why not make money and have cash being spent in your business. Having an ATM machines in your business not only will save you money you spend on credit card processing, but you also make money off having an ATM machines in your business.

The services for the ATM vendors include the WebRMS which is the most comprehensive ATM monitoring and management tool available.
You can receive instant error messages thru your cell phone, or email, and access the transaction history and cash management reports from anywhere via web browser over the internet.
Product features:

  • Monitor - 6" monochrome or color LCD display, including 8 menu keys and an 8 screen advertising capability.
  • Card reader - dip type magnetic card reader
  • ADA - American with Disability Act (ADA) compliant, including voice guidance
  • Communication - 56k modem standard for dial-up connection CDPD wireless option
  • Printer - 3 1/8" thermal printer with 48" columns per line and automatic paper loading and cutting
  • Keypad - 16-key Alphanumerical keypad Encrypted Pin Pad (EPP) option with Triple DES
  • Cash dispenser - dispenses 3 notes per second and mounts on the sliding panel for easy service

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